Finding Happiness In My Life

I've lived a life that has been all about achievement and responsibility, while surrounded by extreme gamesmanship, violence and stress. I actually remember the day that all changed.

I was feeling rushed and harried. Stress levels high, my face wore a permanent frown, my mind was in a million different places, and as I looked around I noticed that my children were now grown. I felt like I had missed their childhoods. But I hadn't, I was there - I had the memories, the kids were aware of me being there.

Then I realized: while I was physically present, my mind is elsewhere, I was missing some prime moments with my kids. And not really enjoying my day or my life.

And so I changed the moment, and in doing so changed my day and my life: although older, I took advantage of enjoying my kids as teens (no I'm not kidding, they can be fun). Instead of thinking about all the things I had to do on a particular day, I brought myself into the present moment. And I took a few minutes of my day to simply spend time with them. Be present with them. It was truly great.

This not only brought warmth and pleasure into my life … it brought a realization into my mind: I can either have a stressed, difficult day … or I can have an amazingly, wonderful day.

I choose the amazing day.

For then on I did things to ensure that my day was the best ever. And they were. I've had the greatest days … all from simple little things that don’t seem like much, but make all the difference in the world.

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