Greetings Powder Pigs!

We are mere hours away from the Mountains that make Skiers Dream…..

You know the names: Telluride, Vail, Steamboat, Aspen. These are the resorts that skiers live for.


Every autumn, our group of student snow worshippers —unite and engage in a sacred ritual called the Pray for Snow party. Our cultural attache and Anthropologist, Dr. Lin Davis-Stephens, has noted that this ritual often includes beverages and bonfires large enough to be seen from outer space. Here in Kansas, on the Colorado border, we supplicate the snow saints for a solid 500+ inch year; our Canadian friends, well they pray for enough money to buy a ticket and attend Colby College so they can do some real skiing.

Our Pray for Snow folks dress up in their finest hats and plastic Mardi Gras beads, and whoop it up with a bonfire as an offering to the snow gods and dream of sugarplums and early Colorado snowflakes. If you find such tributes inspiring—are those tears in your eyes?—the time is right to start brainstorming your own party to the Gods of Winter.

Costumes are a must. The Snow Gods have to know you mean it. Make everyone wear white, or red, or even red dresses. You’ll lure more ladies to your shindig if they hear the entire ski dudes will be clad in red minidresses. Also, be sure to mandate hats—nothing says “I’m a serious athlete, and I’m here to party” like a quality sombrero.


DON’T burn skis. It’s very last-season. Try burning larger items instead—like old cars and chicken sheds. Then go inside and turn on some old Greg Stump movies. Made back in ’85 when park rats sported real rat-tail mullets, these flicks make amusing references to the passing fad later known as snowboarding.

Finish it right. As all good things must come to an end, you must close the evening properly. DON'T find the only homeowners on the block who can afford a hot tub—yes, the ones who are out of town—and escort your guests there. No matter what you think it’s not actually your hot tub; it’s not just separated from your house by a fence. Your guests will thank you, the ladies will swoon, and the Snow Gods will smile upon your entire community with plenty o’ white stuff if you have fun and don't get arrested.

If the words ski, mountain, resort make you dream, then you've found the right place for a memorable ski holiday.

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