Passion Before Paycheck!

As far back as I can remember, I have been passionate about discovering new places and meeting people from different cultures than my own. This motivation was instilled in me by my family. We took day trips on Saturday or Sunday, traveled each summer through the United States and Canada. Each trip was a learning experience and an opportunity to meet many great people along the way.

This passion for exploration and discovery had grown naturally as I've grown older, something I've passed onto my own son, and have shared with my students. This has allowed me to connect with my own source of passion inside, along with making the right connections at the right times.

I've managed to organize my life in a manner allowing me to move from place to place, and continue to explore our world with my son as he grew up. Today, I'm older, wiser and freer, and still my life is organized so to allow me to continue feeding this passion for travel.


Over the years, I have had different approaches to expressing my passion, depending on the opportunities that I've had, the region or country I was in and so on….

Now I’m exploring from the facilitative or teaching perspective and I feel that my passion has expanded and has taken on another dimension. I define my type of facilitation as very introspective and focused on the dynamics of internal changes in order to manifest outer changes.

I see myself as a catalyst for change and I love to empower people to become designers of their dreams. My next step is to incorporate digital art into my facilitation, because creation have always been a big part of my life and I feel that creation is a very tangible way to connect people to their manifesting power.

So, as you see, in my life, my passion is a work in progress. In fact, I think I simply work to fund my passion for travel. Being a good southern boy, I give a Rebel Yell, Passion Before Paycheck.

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