Digital Stories


With A Rebel Yell

2010 Belize Summer Travel/Study

This area is designed to showcase digital stories told by our student travelers, tour leaders and our community. Digital Storytelling is the art of turning a personal narrative into a multimedia experience. It can combine music, video and/or still images with our creative voice. The results are an original production that engages the viewing audience in ways that are often surprising and powerful.

This educational music video on sustainable energy was shot and produced in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya.

Digital storytelling can be used to introduce or reinforce the power of writing. Through the writing process and its refinement, students often discover the power of personal expression and greater creativity with digital tools at their aid. Advancements in technology have given everyone the opportunity to be a digital storyteller for a online, world-wide audience.

These digital stories are student travelers in Cleveland, Ohio (Rock Hall of Fame), the Riviera Maya, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Watch some promotional videos from a few of our Excursions.

Watch these promotional videos on the Titanic, Impressionism and Body Worlds Exhibits.

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