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Cultural Encounter to Mexico

106 million folks and ….. us!
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We are about to venture from city to coast to investigate Mexico’s ancient civilizations and visit the hidden Mexico in the outback of the Sierra Madres. We will begin in Mexico City, the former heart of the Aztec Empire. Climb the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán. We then continue to the sun-drenched landscapes of the Sierra Madres and the Pacific coast of Puerto Vallarta.


Travel Journal

A Mighty Wind For A Lofty Pursuit

I step to the edge, I stand and look down, fold my arms across my chest and with no time to mess around, I laugh to myself and … FREE FALL …. into the upward rushing air from below. I'm precariously dangling horizontally in midair over what appears to be a patchwork of extra thick cage wire in a transparent vertical wind tunnel. I'm not asleep; it's not a dream, not a nightmare and I'm not attached to anything. I'm actually flying — hovering in the air surrounded by sheer walls of torrential air - hanging motionless and speeding faster than I've ever moved in my life, all in one moment, all in a single frame of time.

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