Journal - Cultural Encounter, Mexico

106 million folks and ….. us!

Current mood: anxious

We are about to venture from city to coast to investigate Mexico’s ancient civilizations and visit the hidden Mexico in the outback of the Sierra Madres. We will begin in Mexico City, the former heart of the Aztec Empire. Climb the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán. We then continue to the sun-drenched landscapes of the Sierra Madres and the Pacific coast. Its almost that time.

On Wednesday the 13th our Encounter Expedition takes off from Denver to Mexico City - doin' the Aztec ruins thing. Then on to Puerto Vallarta for some jungle and beach fun. Of course we've had the same problems as most other travelers. Passport difficulties. Four of our travelers applied for new passports in late January and early February. Of course we leave this week and there were problems. One of our male travelers was shown as a female on his passport (10 weeks to fix) - and the others had not gotten theirs by last week.

But thanks to Rachel Roach, of Congressman Jerry Moran's Office, we all have our passports and are ready to leave. Soon there will be 106 million people in Mexico City, plus lil' ole us.

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