Journal - El Mundo Maya - Where The Past Is Always Present

Mexico: El Mundo Maya

Where The Past Is Always Present

The Mystical Temples, Rainforest and Rainbow Reefs of the Riviera Maya

10 Day Expedition - June 2008


Its almost time …. Mexico, land of diversity — tourist resorts and awe-inspiring ancient cities. Our Intrepid travlers are about to experience the warmth and generosity of the Mexican people. On our journey we will know the everyday food, customs and traditions of Mexican life and take step back to a time of pagan mysticism. Colonial cities, Mayan temples, traditional cultures, rainforest reserves, dazzling coral reefs – our Encounter Expedition across the tropical 200-kilometer long coastline located on the eastern tip of the Yucatán peninsula, has it all. an abundance of history, culture and nature. Few places on earth cause as much amazement as the Riviera Maya. On the stunning coast of the Mayan Riviera lies the most beautiful sea in the world. the Caribbean, extending across the horizon and its incredible turquoise blue waters with the mild surf caressing the glistening alabaster white sand along an impressive stretch of palmed lined beach. Mexico is an ancient land full of legends, fascinating history, ancient cultures and respected traditions. We will truly experience the spirit of the Mexican culture, and immerse ourselves in its essence on this 10 day/9 night Encounter Expedition.

Remember, those of you combining travel and study for University credits or Educator/Professional Continuing Education credits need to complete your arrangements before we depart.

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