Journal - Mama Mia! Here I Go Again To The Buell Theatre

Another culture weekend Excursion. We trooped off to Denver for an evening of dinner at the Opera House and theatre at the Buell. Although I've see Mamma Mia! four times, I always enjoy this play. Its fun and energetic. Mostly, Mamma Mia! is a play that is more a tribute to the music of ABBA than anything else. The songs really stay with you.

The story, which has its funny moments, is based on a daughter, Sophie, trying to find her true father to give her away at her wedding with Sky. Turns out that the mother, Donna had a summer of love with three men in a short time and the father could be any one of them. So Sophie surreptitiously invites all three men to the wedding. They all show up at Donna and Sophie's Greek island not knowing that one of them could have fathered Sophie during that summer adventure with Donna 20 years ago and to the chagrin of Donna, all three of them want to give Sophie away.

About twenty popular ABBA songs, all memorable and fun, are splashed throughout the play, each one fairly appropriate for the moment in the story. Usually a line in the dialogue is replaced by the opening line of the song, which works quite well most of the time so it would be within reason to say that the story was pieced together, albeit loosely, using the lyrics of the songs.

The story is as plain as most love stories could go, with much of the fanfare coming from the choreographed song-and-dance segments. The story is cliqued and somewhat contrived, so don't try and analyze the scenes just enjoy the music and the comical moments.

Mamma Mia! is a funny musical/comedy that I highly recommend. The music is terrific and really illustrates the talent of ABBA and the actors on stage. At the end, all the actors come back together in 70s garb and perform some of the classic tunes again, as well as some that are omitted from the play itself.

I haven't decided whether or not the Mama Mia! movie will spoil the theatre experience for me. But, if you haven't seen the play, you should. A second choice would be to see the movie.

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